3 thoughts on “Paternal Line – The Shirley Family

  1. Hi,
    I am a partner of a SHARLEY/SHIRLEY descendant. I am writing to you now to let you know Henry Sharley/Shirley and Eliza Williamson daughter, Sarah Ann Shirley/Sharley using the name alais Mabel Ann Shirley at that time ( I have purchased the certificate that’s how I know ) married William Henry Peisley on 24 Aug 1880 at St Kilda, Victoria, Australia. The marriage certificate quotes her correct parents. The both already had a child prior to marrying and her name is Winifred Shirley PEISLEY born 15 Jun 1878 at Sydney NSW AUS. My partner’s direct line is his grandfather, Prosper Shirley PEISLEY. Imagine him having the middle name as Shirley when it truly should have been Sharley for a male. I am willing to share all I have researched on my partner’s family of PEISLEY and SHIRLEY/SHARLEY.

    Kind regards


    • Hi Jeanette,
      Thank you for contacting me, my apologies for taking so long to respond. My goodness Sara/Mabel certainly had a deep passion for the Greek tragedy names. I was fascinating taking a quick walk through ancestry.com.au and seeing them all. I think poor old Prosper whom I suspect was in the Greek, Prospero got off rather lightly. Can you shed any light on the Shirley/Sharley argument. I’ve long wondered whether it was a dialect change coming from England to Australia? Or is there something more concrete that I’ve missed? Your partners’ Henry Sharley/Shirley was brother to my ancestor, Sophia Shirley/Sharley so that is our connection. Thank you so much for sharing your information I am deeply grateful and have been able to fill in a whole other arm of relations to Sophia. My warmest regards

  2. Hi Darienne,

    Lately I have been intensely researching the Shirley/Sharley family finding all their births as much as possible and marrying them off as well as finding them dying. Most of the Sharley/Shirley family went to New Zealand. I don’t know if anymore then Sarah Ann Shirley Alais Mabel Ann went to Australia. I have a transcribed diary of Sarah’s transcribed by my partner’s Uncle “John” Peisley (Prosper John Peisley) son of Prosper. He is deceased now Uncle John. In it she, Sarah, talks about Prosper and her other children. Mike Gibson, the sports commentator who passed away a few years back was related to you. The connection was through Constance Pearl Peisley. Please find her details in ancestry under the title “DAWKINS/DAWKINGS Family.Maybe you can message me there instead.

    I don’t know how to get my email privately over to you so I don’t alert the whole world. Please if you can where would I find your tree under what title so I can give you my email.

    Hope to hear from you real soon.

    Kind regards


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