Paternal line – The Gay Family


2 thoughts on “Paternal line – The Gay Family

  1. In 1858 Captain William Gay rescued my ancestor (captain of the Zwarte Zwaan = Black Swan) Simon Stickel (or Stikkel) name not spelt correctly in this article; near Cairncross Island. Captain Stickel’s 12 year old son Abraham Stikkel was with him on this voyage and extremely frightend by the shipwreck. After safely in Soerabaya (Java) their port of destination, the young lad never wanted to board a ship again and remained in Indonesia, where he married 3 lndonesian women and had 16 childeren. And thus our family, still mainly in Holland, spread out over the world, thanks to Cpt. William Gay. Kind regards, I. Stikkel from Holland.

  2. No Way ! This is amazing to me Ingrid – Here we are over 150 years later with our families reconnecting, wow, you have made my day. I remember reading about the Zwarte Zwaan when I was first researching the Captain. Thank you so much for contacting me this is absolutely remarkable. Kind regards. Darienne.

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