Patrick John London – (1770 – 1810) & Sarah Halligan (1780 -1818). First London’s to Australia

Patrick John London or John London as he was known was our first London to Australia.  He and his wife Sarah Halligan came to Australia aboard the Ann.    On the 25th August 1809 the English ship Ann, left England bound for the new colony of Sydney. Aboard were convicts both men and women, crew, settlers and soldiers from the 73rd regiment who would serve as reinforcements and replacements for the existing marines in the wild new colony.  The 73rd were specially trained for this commission and were known as the 73rd regiment on foot. (Source , Australian War Memorial.

Th ship arrived at Sydney on the 27th February 1810.

As to where (Patrick) John and Sarah fitted into this motley crew I  (and many others doing the same work) would like to tie him in as being a soldier with the 73rd regiment on foot who would come to Australia and later become the NSW Corps. (Thanks to  Lyn Murphy and Allen London who have done the research behind this one and generously shared).

As noted in his son William’s story (Bill the Native), I have to date been unable to ascertain exactly where and how Patrick/John originated and what his definitive purpose was in coming to Australia.  I have found a reference to him being born in Ireland. What I do know is the poor fellow was here no more than a month and promptly dropped dead on the 27th March 1810.  The cause of his death I know not at this time.  Did he come from Ireland or from England?

Patrick/John left a wife Sarah Halligan and a single child and son William London.  I surmise that given William ends up in an orphanage within the next eight years that neither his father nor mother had finances of consequence or means.  Patrick John is recorded in the Governors papers as the father of young William.

Upon his demise, Patrick/John was almost definitely buried in The Old Sydney Burial Ground.  Record 1342.   He does not appear in the colonies papers as a convict.  There is a London who turns up in Australia as a convict but this is some years after our fellows death so it can’t possibly be him.

On his son’s pioneer records Patrick is recorded as William’s father but no mention is made of his mother.

Sarah Halligan as best I can work out came from Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland. ( I gathered and surmise this as her brother is recorded as having come from there).  She is recorded on the Parramatta population muster of 1814 as living with Maurice Hillich (relationship unknown ?) and her son.  They were remarked as living off the stores meaning that they were independently managing their own farming/supply of foodstuffs and goods. Those who were still living ‘on’ the stores were considered to be lazy and a burden to the colony.  When Sarah’s son was admitted to the orphanage it is recorded on his records that Hillich was his ‘father’ obviously incorrect.

Maurice would later settle in Appin where he was able to select land and he would marry.

Sarah died around 1818 and thus William London was left an orphan.