~ Recommended Reading~

What does a happy little blogger do when she’s not researching and writing?  Well she reads of course!  Some things are just too good not to share.  Here are some of my faves!

What I’m reading now:  

Boyce, James. (2009).  Van Diemen’s Land. Black Inc., Carlton, Victoria, Australia. 

Barkley, Jack. (2009).  Settlement Revealed, A new look at Australia’s third mainland settlement 1793-1802. Rosenberg Publishing p/l, NSW, Australia.

Front Cover

Hinds, Peter. (2013).  The Campbelltown Convicts. MoshPit Publishing, Australia.

Reeves, Sian. (2010).  The Floating Brothel. Hodder Australia, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

The Floating Brothel: The extraordinary true story o... by Rees, Sian

Fiddes, Jim. (2012).  Brodiach to Bervie: A History of Skene and Westhill. Leopard Press, Scotland.

I’ve only seen excerpts of these and I don’t even know if they are still available?  Would love to get my hands on a set. (Turner books).

Turner, Jean. (1995).  It Started with Muslin: Elizabeth Hopper’s story.  Open-book Publishers, ISBN 0646226835, 9780646226835.

Turner, Jean. (1995).  Unwilling Tasmanians: William Hazlewood’s story. Jean Turner Publishing, ISBN 0646257498, 9780646257495.

Turner, Jean. (1997).  A Long Road to Hobart Town: Robert Hay’s story. Jean Turner Publishing, ISBN 0646342894, 9780646342894.

Turner, Jean. (2000). The Bushrangers are at Hay’s house: Robert and Maria Hay’s story. Jean Turner Publishing, ISBN 0957813600, 9780957813601

Antique books

Lister Maw, Henry. (1829). Journal of a passage from the Pacific to the Atlantic: Crossing the Andes in the northern provinces of Peru and descending the river Marañon (or Amazon).  Retrieved from: https://books.google.com.au/books/about/Journal_of_a_Passage_from_the_Pacific_to.html?id=ftbPAr6TnpsC&redir_esc=y

To use: Go to bibliography page, down to South American Records and click on link. John Gay’s family mentioned on several occasions.


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