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In the years between 1788 and 1842 a passage of eighty years, around eighty-thousand souls from Britain predominantly were convicted and sent ‘beyond the seas’.  Sentences ranged around seven years, fourteen years and life.  A few of these folk were ours…..

Elizabeth Hopper England to (1) Port Jackson, (2) Norfolk Island

b.1754  -d.1795

Sentenced 7 years

Lady Juliana  (1790) (Second Fleet)

convict ship

William Hazelwood England to (1) Port Jackson (Sydney), (2) Norfolk Island, (3) New Norfolk Island, Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania), Australia


Sentenced 7 years

The William & Anne (1791) (Third Fleet)

convict ship

Susannah Nairn (aka – Susannah Riley, Susannah Talbot, Susannah Wells) England to Port Jackson, Australia

b.1762 – d.1814

Sentenced 17 years

The Kitty (1792) (Fourth Fleet)

convict ship

Robert Hay Scotland to  (1) Port Phillip (Victoria), (2) Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania), Australia

b.1774 – d.1839

Sentenced 14 Years

The Calcutta (1803)

convict ship

William Bidgood/Badgood  England to  (1) Port Jackson (Sydney)

b.@1779- . ?

Sentenced  Life.

The Glatton (1803)

convict ship

Catherine Latimore England to Port Jackson (Sydney)

b.1797 – d. 1868

Sentenced 7 years

Wanstead (1814) 

convict ship

Maria Coverley England to Port Jackson (Sydney)

b.1792 – d. 1864

Sentenced 7 years

Wanstead (1814)

convict ship

John Kingshott  England to Van Diemen’s Land

b.1792 – d.1862

Sentenced Life

The Proteus (1831)

convict ship

Sophia Morgan England to Van Diemen’s Land

b.1817 – d.1889

Sentenced 7 years

Frances Charlotte (1833)

convict ship

John Oakley England to Van Diemen’s Land

b.1829 – d.1904

Sentenced 14 years

Mount Stuart Elphinstone (1845)

convict ship

4 thoughts on “Home – Our Convict Past

  1. Catherine Latimore was my gggrandmother amd I am the Granddaughter of Edward Singleton Riley….currently doing my Famiy tree ,and looking for any surviving family members.

  2. My father has studied our family tree dating back to Elizabeth Hopper and William Hazelwood…such interesting information on here also

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