Home – Our Convict Past

In the years between 1788 and 1842 a passage of eighty years, around eighty-thousand souls from Britain predominantly were convicted and sent ‘beyond the seas’.  Sentences ranged around seven years, fourteen years and life.  A few of these folk were ours…..

Elizabeth Hopper England to (1) Port Jackson, (2) Norfolk Island

b.1754  -d.1795

Sentenced 7 years

Lady Juliana  (1790) (Second Fleet)

convict ship

William Hazelwood England to (1) Port Jackson (Sydney), (2) Norfolk Island, (3) New Norfolk Island, Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania), Australia


Sentenced 7 years

The William & Anne (1791) (Third Fleet)

convict ship

Susannah Nairn (aka – Susannah Riley, Susannah Talbot, Susannah Wells) England to Port Jackson, Australia

b.1762 – d.1814

Sentenced 17 years

The Kitty (1792) (Fourth Fleet)

convict ship

Robert Hay Scotland to  (1) Port Phillip (Victoria), (2) Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania), Australia

b.1774 – d.1839

Sentenced 14 Years

The Calcutta (1803)

convict ship

William Bidgood/Badgood  England to  (1) Port Jackson (Sydney)

b.@1779- . ?

Sentenced  Life.

The Glatton (1803)

convict ship

Catherine Latimore England to Port Jackson (Sydney)

b.1797 – d. 1868

Sentenced 7 years

Wanstead (1814) 

convict ship

Maria Coverley England to Port Jackson (Sydney)

b.1792 – d. 1864

Sentenced 7 years

Wanstead (1814)

convict ship

John Kingshott  England to Van Diemen’s Land

b.1792 – d.1862

Sentenced Life

The Proteus (1831)

convict ship

Sophia Morgan England to Van Diemen’s Land

b.1817 – d.1889

Sentenced 7 years

Frances Charlotte (1833)

convict ship

John Oakley England to Van Diemen’s Land

b.1829 – d.1904

Sentenced 14 years

Mount Stuart Elphinstone (1845)

convict ship

3 thoughts on “Home – Our Convict Past

  1. Catherine Latimore was my gggrandmother amd I am the Granddaughter of Edward Singleton Riley….currently doing my Famiy tree ,and looking for any surviving family members.

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