Paternal Line – The Nairn Family

My connection to the Nairn line in Australia, is through Susannah Nairn, the daughter of Thomas Nairn and Susannah Smith of London, England.

Susannah married Robert Wells in Australia.  She had been twice married previously (?) in England.  However the father of her son (my ancestor) John Riley is not known.

Susannah is my five times great grandmother.

Connects to Riley line.

Genealogy, English.



4 thoughts on “Paternal Line – The Nairn Family

  1. I have been researching convict Elizabeth Hopper (wife of William Hazlewood, convict) trying to pinpoint the location of her 1787 crime which was the drapery store of Anthony Twydell. From a search on Anthony Twydell on the Old Baileys site, I came across Susannah Nairne who stole fabric from the store of Anthony Twiddle in 1791. More research led to Anthony Twiddle, Twydell, Twedall, all apparently the same person and victim of multiple fabric thefts between 1783 and 1795. The 1791 court transcripts lists a brother Levi Twiddle – a Levi Twidale was listed as a breeches maker – the same person when you search for Twidale under the Old Bailey site as it brings up Susannah Nairn’s proceedings (and there is an Ancestry tree for Levi Twidale which shows Anthony as his brother). It seems the store was located in the Minories, north of the Tower of London and possibly close to John St. now called Crosswall, west of the Minorities road (a Starbucks sits of the east corner now!) The church at the north end of the street is St. Boltoph Church and Twydell was an active member. Both Elizabeth Hopper and Susannah were transported but Mary Snow who stole fabric in 1795 got off with a fine despite stealing more than Elizabeth (Susannah stole 20 shillings worth of handkerchiefs). I thought this back story was an interesting addition to Elizabeth Hopper (my 5th G-Grandmother and Susannah Nairn whom I believe I must be related to distantly but haven’t found the connection yet.

    • Hi, I’ve only just found your post and your research may have moved on considerably. I personally think there are 2 Levi/Levy Twidales (plus numerous variations of this surname). The one who is the breechesmaker was born in 1733 in Ollerton, Nottinghamshire and as Anthony has siblings with dates 1768 -1777 that I’ve managed to find so far (not Anthony’s though) I guess the Levi mentioned in the Old Bailey court procedures could be a grandson/great nephew of the Ollerton gentleman. I’d be pleased to hear what you think

  2. Hi, I have just found your post, and I am researching the birth of John Riley [mother Susannah Nairn]. Although there appears to be no information supporting the birth of John on the transportation ship Kitty, this is the information currently being used. One gentleman has indicated that he visited old Bailey and saw documentation that Susannah was pregnant when she appeared in the old baily, and used this as part of her defence. However, the court info I have found for Susannah does not report this. Do you have confirmation that Susannah was pregnant when she appeared at the old bailey? Do you have any suggestions as to how I may be able to locate this confirmation? Any thoughts would be appreciated

    • I have no idea where, but some direct family member mentioned the at John was certainly born on board teh Kitty at Rio, in the way to Australia. Normally this is recorded in the Surgeons Log, but the one for the Kitty no longer exists.

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