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British History Online

National Archives, England

The British Online Library

Parish Registers UK.

FreeReg, Parish Register Search

Find My Past UK

The Workhouses

Ancient and Early Britain:

Historic UK; The Norman conquest

Merchant Maritime Records:

How Britannia Came to Rule The Waves. William Henry Giles Kingston

Swing Riots:

Elaham Historical Society, Derek Boughton, Swing Riots.

Selbourne and Headley Workhouse Riots (John Owen Smith)

Owen-Smith, John (2002). One Monday in November … and Beyond. The Selbourne & Headley Workhouse Riots of 1830 … and their aftermath. Retrieved from: http://www.johnowensmith.co.uk/books/omb1873855338.htm

Petersfield Post (2017). Nostalgia: Workhouses were unusual target of “swing” rioters. Retrieved from: http://www.petersfieldpost.co.uk/article.cfm?id=112705&headline=NOSTALGIA:%20Workhouses%20were%20unusual%20target%20of%20%E2%80%98Swing%E2%80%99%20rioters&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2017

The Workhouse Headley Website

Headley Village Website

The Peel Web

Prison Hulks:

Euryalus prison hulk

Prison hulks

London Records:

London lives

Old Bailey online index

Spitalfields history

The Peerage (History of Royal Families of England)

King George IV

Surrey Records:

British History; Walton on the Hill

Black Country, Dudley, Kate’s Hill,
Worcester Records:

Black Country genealogy & history

Kate’s Hill

Black Country churchyards

Black Country images

Black Country cemeteries

Black Country history

Somerset, Horsington:

The Horsington and South Cheriton Villager, From Horsington to the Workhouse. Susan Maltin.

West Country Shirley Families

Horsington Somerset Genealogy

Somerset Online Parish Clerks (and as good-fortune would have it for Shirley’s world-over Roger Shirley is the OPC for Horsington on this site!)

Mapleton Farm, Moor Lane, Horsington. Proposed Intensive Livestock Unit and Associated Development.

Tann, G.  (2003).  Mapleton Farm, Moor Lane, Horsington. Proposed Intensive Livestock Unit and Associated Development. Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment. Report for Land and Development Consultants. Lindsey Archaeological Services. Lincoln, UK. 

British History Online – Horsington.

The Shirley Association

Somerset Online Census Project

Somerset Archives & Local Studios


Parish Register, Horsington, Somerset

Olsen, Kirstin. (1999). Daily Life in 18th-century England. Greenwood Publishing group. ISBN 0-313-29933-1.


Cathy Day! Whose work is invaluable for those of us looking for pre-registration records in Wiltshire. My eternal gratitude!

Kent, The Weald of Kent:

The Weald of Kent

Mid Kent Marriages

Rediscovering Dartford, Kent Archaeology Society

Kent Archaeology, Kent Hundred Rolls. (King Richard)

Here’s History in Kent, guides for family research


Cornwall, The role of religion, Methodism

Methodism, – Cornwall Calling

Cornish Culture, Methodism in Cornwall