William Dean (1775 – 1823 ) & Elizabeth Howard (@1775 – 1823)

William Dean was born in 1775 at Walton On The Hill, Surrey.  William’s wife Elizabeth Howard was likely born around 1775.  On the 21st December 1794  aged 19 William married Elizabeth Howard at Banstead in Surrey.

William Dean and Elizabeth Howard

William Dean and Elizabeth Howard

William and Elizabeth’s children were James Dean born 1795, William Dean born 1798, John Dean born 1800, George Dean 1803, Charles Dean born 1805, Henry Dean born 1808, Joseph Dean born 1810, Sarah Dean born 1813, Robert Dean born 1815, Thomas Dean born 1817, Michael Dean born 1819.

Of their children their son William left for Australia and died in Tasmania in 1892.  The Dean family appear to have spent their entire lives living around the Walton on the Hill and Banstead areas.  Two villages 6.5 kilometres apart from each other.

William was buried on the 3rd August 1823 aged 48, His burial was at St Peter’s, Walton on the Hill.  Elizabeth was buried from St Peter’s at Walton on the Hill on the 15th June 1826 aged 51.

Elizabeth Dean Burial records

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