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Lily & Laura
Lily Lorkin Fowles & Laura Agnes Fowles Moss, Ferndale, Victoria. Circa @ 1920’s

I would like to take this opportunity to thank with full heart and gratitude the generous family members near and far who have supported me with information, photos and encouragement.  We’re all from darn good stock!  This page has links to some of my favourite places to continue research. Please contact me if you would like your site linked onto this page and/or acknowledgement.  If like me you want more of the nitty gritty ? I can’t recommend the following highly enough, definitely worth a read!

A quick word about my use of Ancestry.com.au. Please note the importance of ‘don’t take it all as gospel’.  This is where I store bits of information that I am working on.  I love Ancestry.com, it is my first ‘go to place‘ but I also know that the information that is saved and shared by so many people worldwide can be in error.  I am eternally grateful when someone points me to the right track.    Having said that quite some years ago now, I got a very testy email from someone (who clearly needed fresh air) about ‘people who must check things before adding them to their trees and not to do it again’.  I did reply that since I wasn’t recording for the national archives that perhaps they were getting a bit overwrought about the whole thing.  My advice to beginners is always start at yourself and work backwards.  Slowly, grindingly sometimes, but absolutely essential.  Especially if you don’t want to make the classic newbie mistake and find yourself errantly linked to an English Marquis when your family history is clearly agricultural subsistence farmers and labourers. – Hmm, yes I did !

Photocopies/scans of certificates

There are many scans of certificates, and photographs etc., on the site.  I endeavour to source these through means where they are open for public access or from stock free sites. I’ve also paid for many of them. I include the pertinent parts for reference.  Do I mind if you use them?  Not at all.  Family history is for sharing – our shared knowledge of our culture past and present is what underpins our human family.  Other photocopies particularly in relation to the Fowles families I was provided with twenty years ago by my distant cousin Graeme Fowles. A trail-blazer in the Fowles family research, long before internet access!  


Now if I quote something that you have written yourself?   Well that is different.  If I am referencing your work, I will link/in-text reference to you on your page and likely you will find your page or work referenced on this page (below).  As a rule I aim not to copy word-for-word what I have found, (it’s dull and uninteresting at best to copy verbatim). Likewise if you want to use something I’ve written then it would be nice if you would reference my work.  If you feel that you have not been referenced? Then please contact me and identify the work in question and we can quickly work on a resolution.  

I got this from directly from Wikipedia …...Photographs taken before 1 January 1955 are out of copyright and are in the public domain.   –  My website is for FREE  enjoyment only.  –  This is my ‘hobby’.  

There are many photographs I use that have been provided by family and that are deemed to be in the public domain.  To that end if you find a photograph on my site  that meets the above criteria and you want to use it?  Go ahead, with my blessings.  “Fill your boots”.  Similarly any of the photos that  I have taken myself in 1998 on the Fowles pages you are welcome to use.  

Still living?

If someone is ‘still alive’, I don’t include them on the site or their names. Saves all the issues and gives something for the descendants to do in the future. 

Acknowledgement to traditional owners.

As a very proud Australian of this amazing nation of people from all walks of life, all corners of the world and all possible religions and philosophies I consider myself exceedingly fortunate to live in this country of freedom and beauty.  In doing so I would like to pay my respects to the past and present traditional owners of  this land, who cared for it, preserved it and its inhabitants and whose rich culture past, today and into the future give so much to what makes Australia the land that it is.  In particular I pay respect to the Boonewrung people whose land I call home. 

As a child I lived for a time in Broome in West Australia, the land of the Yawuru people. This was at a time long before tourism had found Broome.  So much of my childhood was influenced by the diverse cultures of the people who called Broome home and I will consider myself forever fortunate beyond words for the kindness and inclusion shown to me whilst I lived there. It was in Broome that I learned as child that we are all one people and this should always be protected in our human journey regardless of where our origins are. 

Just as a bit of house-keeping * If you find a broken link would you be so kind as to let me know.  With thanks.

 The Essentials:  

Trove, Australian digitised newspapers, archives, records

New Zealand digitised, archived newspapers

Ancestry Australia (paid subscription)

New South Wales State Library Records

Victorian Public Records Office


For the serious investigator…

Thompson, Paul. (20012).  Voice of the past. Published by Oxford University Press, New York, New York, USA.

Dowell, David, R. (2014). NextGen Genealogy: The DNA Connection. Published by ABC-CLIO, Santa Barbara, California, USA.

Good starting places to learn tips, hints:

Who do you think you are magazine

British timelines in history

Unlock the Past (very helpful for Australians).

Shauna Hicks, Loads of good advice. Great writer.

Etymology, Language, Origins:

Dialect and English accents

Convict Creations, convict cultural legacy

What is Cockney?

Kentish words and dialect

Old English translator

Getting started on UK surnames.

Online etymology – blonde

English surnames

Norman journeys

Johnson’s Dictionary online

LOCATION  Australia:

Merchant Maritime Records:

Mariner shipping records; Australia

Company of Master Mariners of Australia

Sydney Heritage Fleet

Catholic cultural history in colonial Australia:

How Catholics pray the rosary (importance in early colonial history)

Methodism cultural history in colonial Australia, (Melbourne).

Methodism its role in early Melbourne and women’s suffrage.

Crime, punishment & convicts:

Old Bailey (England) online

Female convicts organisation, Australia

Founders & Survivors Organisation (Australia)

Female Factories (Australia)

Colonial Case Law Decisions 1788 – 1899

Convict Creations (punishment)

Convict Creations (convict crimes)

Australian Royalty – Convict database

Mental health support in Australian history:

Brain Action, Welcome to the Loony bin, Dr. David. S. Bell

Community welfare support :

Origins of welfare support in Melbourne

Women’s suffrage in Australia:

Australian Women’s National League (Melbourne)

Women’s suffrage movement Australia

Homes for destitute children: (Australia):

Livingstone House, Carlton

Ragged Schools, Public Records Office Victoria

Child Rescue

Female Factories:

Like many of my fellow Australian sisters, I had several ancestors who spent time in the female factories both at Paramatta and at Tasmania.  This is a bit of a passion of mine in acknowledging and giving voices to those women who for so many years in our history were kept silent through forgetting.  I hope in some small way to be part of the movement to give them back their voices.  I am a  descendant of one of those “Cascade Women’s Factory babies” because of my ancestor Sophia Morgan.  I am so proud and more so grateful for these mothers.

 Taking Freedom. YouTube video.

Female Factory. Org

Female Convicts Research Centre

Cascade Women’s Factory, Tasmania, historical re-enactment.

Irish transportation women, convict factories. YouTube

Parramatta Female Factory, YouTube


Tasmanian Convict Record Abbreviations (Rootsweb)

The Great Raid (and other great stuff) Noel Triffit

Korske (BLOG) Willow Court Tasmania (New Norfolk)

Willow Court Tasmania

Family Search LDS; Australia, Tasmania Civil Registration 1803-1933

LINC Tasmanian Government

Family Seach LDS; Australia, Tasmania, Civil Registration, 1803-1933

LINC Tasmanian Heritage Names Search

Aus Tasmanian Genealogy Mailing List (Rootsweb)

Tassie place names and changes (Rootsweb)

New South Wales:

Shauna Hicks History Enterprises

NSW State Records Library

New South Wales: The Hawkesbury; Kurrajong, Comleroy, Richmond, Windsor, The Slopes, Sally’s bottom.  

Pictorial History Hawkesbury Shire, Michelle Nicholls

Hawkesbury City Council Museum

Hawkesbury Historical Society

Not the commercial site.  Ancestry-Australia. Free directory to lists.

Gutenberg free press, Early days of Windsor, NSW, Australia

Kurrajong historical society

Hawkesbury NSW Gov

hfhg. Hawkesbury on the net

Hawkesbury on the net, pioneer registers

Hawkesbury on the net cemetery


Labilleiere, Francis, Peter. (1878). Early History of the Colony of Victoria. Gutenberg Press

Early white settlement of Melbourne.

The Victorian gold rush in Ballarat:

Ballarat Genealogy

Mining in Daylesford (Jim Crow, Wombat)

Melbourne – Suburb of Brighton.

Melbourne – Suburb of Springvale

Melbourne – Suburb of St Kilda

Melbourne – Suburb of South Melbourne

Melbourne- Suburb of Sandringham

Melbourne- Suburb of Elsternwick

Melbourne – Suburb of Pentridge

Melbourne – Suburb of Gardenvale.

LOCATION  New Zealand:

Papers past NZ archive

Archway NZ

Peeling back history; NZ

NZ National Library

NZ History Net; Immigration during the Crown Colony period, 1840-1852/

NZ Teara.gov.nz, History of immigration

New Zealand History; Wellington war

Gisborne Photo News 1954-1975

Waipawa Census 1867


Waipawa Te Ara

Pioneers in New Zealand

NZ Genealogy Links.

Hutt City, Petone Settlers Records

Early brick-making in NZ

Towards the Development of Colonial Archaeology in New Zealand: Part 1. Peter J.F. Coutts

Napier, New Zealand

List of people killed 1931 Hawkes Bay earthquake

LOCATION  England:


British History Online

National Archives, England

The British Online Library

Parish Registers UK.

FreeReg, Parish Register Search

Find My Past UK

The Workhouses

Ancient and Early Britain:

Historic UK; The Norman conquest

Merchant Maritime Records:

How Britannia Came to Rule The Waves. William Henry Giles Kingston

Swing Riots:

Elaham Historical Society, Derek Boughton, Swing Riots.

Selbourne and Headley Workhouse Riots (John Owen Smith)

Owen-Smith, John (2002). One Monday in November … and Beyond. The Selbourne & Headley Workhouse Riots of 1830 … and their aftermath. Retrieved from: http://www.johnowensmith.co.uk/books/omb1873855338.htm

Petersfield Post (2017). Nostalgia: Workhouses were unusual target of “swing” rioters. Retrieved from: http://www.petersfieldpost.co.uk/article.cfm?id=112705&headline=NOSTALGIA:%20Workhouses%20were%20unusual%20target%20of%20%E2%80%98Swing%E2%80%99%20rioters&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2017

The Workhouse Headley Website

Headley Village Website

The Peel Web

Prison Hulks:

Euryalus prison hulk

Prison hulks

London Records:

London lives

Old Bailey online index

Spitalfields history

The Peerage (History of Royal Families of England)

King George IV

Surrey Records:

British History; Walton on the Hill

Black Country, Dudley, Kate’s Hill,
Worcester Records:

Black Country genealogy & history

Kate’s Hill

Black Country churchyards

Black Country images

Black Country cemeteries

Black Country history

Somerset, Horsington:

The Horsington and South Cheriton Villager, From Horsington to the Workhouse. Susan Maltin.

West Country Shirley Families

Horsington Somerset Genealogy

Somerset Online Parish Clerks (and as good-fortune would have it for Shirley’s world-over Roger Shirley is the OPC for Horsington on this site!)

Mapleton Farm, Moor Lane, Horsington. Proposed Intensive Livestock Unit and Associated Development.

Tann, G.  (2003).  Mapleton Farm, Moor Lane, Horsington. Proposed Intensive Livestock Unit and Associated Development. Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment. Report for Land and Development Consultants. Lindsey Archaeological Services. Lincoln, UK. 

British History Online – Horsington.

The Shirley Association

Somerset Online Census Project

Somerset Archives & Local Studios


Parish Register, Horsington, Somerset

Olsen, Kirstin. (1999). Daily Life in 18th-century England. Greenwood Publishing group. ISBN 0-313-29933-1.


Cathy Day! Whose work is invaluable for those of us looking for pre-registration records in Wiltshire. My eternal gratitude!

Kent, The Weald of Kent:

The Weald of Kent

Mid Kent Marriages

Rediscovering Dartford, Kent Archaeology Society

Kent Archaeology, Kent Hundred Rolls. (King Richard)

Here’s History in Kent, guides for family research


Cornwall, The role of religion, Methodism

Methodism, – Cornwall Calling

Cornish Culture, Methodism in Cornwall

LOCATION  Ireland:

Census national archives of Ireland

National archives

Ireland Old News (newspaper)

LOCATION  Scotland:

Scottish archive network

Scotland GRO

Clan Hay

Scotland’s people hub

Scotland’s people gov.uk

Skene Heritage Organisation

Old Scottish Genealogy & History Service

Scottish Online Newspapers

Moray Registration Office


LOCATION  The Carribbean & West Indies, Barbados:

Carribbean family history organisation


Digital Library of the Carribbean

Legacies of British Slave Ownership

The Abbreviated History of Barbadoes

Family Search Barbados Church Records

LOCATION  South America, Peru:

South American Brits Database

Journey of a passage from the Pacific to the Atlantic crossing the Andes in the northern provinces of Peru and descending the river Maranon or Amazon. (1829). Henry Lister Maw; 1827

Britain and Latin America in the 19th and 20th Centuries, (2014), Rory Miller

Naked Tropics: Essays on Empire and Other Rogues. (2013). Kenneth Maxwell

The History of the Buccaneers of America, James Burney, Capt. in the Royal Navy, 1816



Kingshott genealogy; Jan Kingshott.  Jan is an incredibly generous man when it comes to sharing Kingshott genealogy.  He really is my ‘go to’ guy for Kingshott’s!


Shirley Association. Great work done over a very long period! Wealth of knowledge. Subscription’s available.

West Country genealogy Shirley family. Richard is ‘all over’ the Shirley research.  Generous sharing of information for all researchers of Shirley’s. 


Surname; Whitehead

Origins of Whitehead name


Lynn Murphy, (London family researcher,)


Peter J. Oakley, New Norfolk, Tasmania. 2015.  Peter is particularly helpful, knowledgeable and supportive of those researching the Oakley families in Tasmania.  Contact him with this link.


Graeme Fowles (1998) special acknowledgement and mention.

Hurley Skidmore history


Interesting, even weird stuff:

Stock Free Images

Victorian – Out of copyright images

Coming out of the famine into crowded New York, Australia and NZ must have looked like good options despite their remoteness.


History of vanishing tattoos

Historical collection of tattoos

Tattoo historian/

Nautical tattoos and meanings


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