Paternal Line – The London Family

My Line of Descent & Their Journeys


Stops at female line and connects to Helmrich Family.

Priscilla Georgina London – (1891 – 1971) m. Arthur Edward Helmrich

Richmond, Hawkesbury, NSW, Australia – Mt Isa, QLD, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Siam (Thailand), Petersham & Saratoga, NSW Australia

William John London – (1846 – 1932) m. Matilda Ann Mitchell

Richmond, Hawkesbury, NSW, Australia

William Albert London (1809 -1877) m. Diana Riley

Ireland to Sydney, NSW, Australia, Richmond, Hawkesbury, NSW

Patrick John London (1770 – 1810) m. Sarah Halligan

Ireland to Sydney, NSW,  Australia


2 thoughts on “Paternal Line – The London Family

  1. Thank you for writing such a great history of the Londons. I knew a little of Priscilla from my Mother in Law – Helen Bruce Nairn (daughter of Lilly May Mitchell/London and William Nairn) I knew that Priscilla had moved to Malaya, but didn’t know what a colourful life she had lead.

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