2019 (Back River, New Norfolk) Cemetery Photos

Back in December 2019, I was travelling around Tasmania and came across a cemetery with some old graves. It was one of those rather warm days. Some of these might be useful to other researchers in our lines and your welcome to use these if they are of use to you? Whilst I didn’t/couldn’t find any of the particular graves I was looking for on this day, I did find enough connections and no reason not to expect that this was a familiar cemetery to our pioneering ancestors.

2 thoughts on “2019 (Back River, New Norfolk) Cemetery Photos

  1. This is wonderful, I haven’t been to the Backwater cemetery. I must visit next time I am in Tassie. My mother spoke of being taken to Backwater as a child to visit her grandmother or Great grandmother. There is a head stone that mentions the names Matilda and Caroline, both my mother was Emily Caroline and My aunt was Aileen Matilda their surname was Parsons. Very thankful for your post
    Kind regards
    Jill Nichols

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