Our TWO Wanstead ancestors.

I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later.  But here is the first time I have found two convicts who came on the same ship who have ended up having their families marry into each other in our connections.  Catherine Latimore who came out on the Wanstead in 1814 also traveled with fellow convict Maria Coverley from England to Port Jackson (Sydney) on the Wanstead.

 (1)Catherine Latimore would go on and marry John Riley and their daughter (2) Diana Riley married William London.  Diana and William had a son (3) William John London.

(1) Maria Coverley had a daughter Elizabeth Coverley with William Badgood/Bidgood. (2) Elizabeth married Edward Mitchell and they had a daughter  (3)Matilda Ann Mitchell.

William John London and Matilda Ann Mitchell married and went on to have a large family of their own.

So the Wanstead played quite the role in bringing these two families together.

Catherine Latimore England to Port Jackson (Sydney)

b.1797 – d. 1868

Sentenced 7 years

Wanstead (1814) 

convict ship

Maria Coverley England to Port Jackson (Sydney)

b.1792 – d. 1864

Sentenced 7 years

Wanstead (1814)

convict ship

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