John Moss and Sarah Ann Varcoe. New Page.

John and Sarah

This one for me has been somewhat frustrating as I’ve not been able to answer some of my burning questions.  I.e. How, why, what, was my great-grandfather, (John’s son) John Henry Moss) doing in South Africa…

What happened to John Moss?

All the same to find out about the connection to Livingstone House was fascinating.

I hope you enjoy.

ANZAC memorial, 100 years.

lest we forget

A really fabulous opportunity to remember your fallen ANZAC’s for the 100 year anniversary. A simple and easy to use program that just asks for a very easy registration process.  I added in the two Fowles boys tonight and if anyone would like another fallen ANZAC added in and would like me to put them in please let me know before ANZAC day.  Alternately log on and put yours in.  A rather touching way to remember our fallen family.

Every Man (and woman) remembered  Click HERE.



Jesse Stone (1784-) & Sarah Tappenden (1784-). Kennington, Kent.

Jesse Stone and Sarah Tappenden were longstanding natives of Kent.  Jesse was born to Edward Stone and his wife Elizabeth.

Jesse was born on the 11th January 1784 in the village of Bonnington in the district of Kent.  From what I understand Bonnington is and has always been a very small place built alongside marshland.  Just a wee bit up the road is the town of Kennington.  It is here that on the 13th October, 1802 at the age of eighteen that Jesse married another local girl from Boughton-Atulph, Sarah Tappenden. Sarah was also eighteen.

By the April of the following year (1803) they welcomed their first child, a daughter, Ann Maria Stone who would be known through her life as Annie or Anna. A year later in 1804 their first son William was born.  It would appear they remained in Kennington.

Surely there are a few Sharley’s! New Page William Sharley and Anna Crouch and Revised Page (Sharley & Hallet.)

Hello all and happy new year (a bit late i know)…Finally a new page.  These things take an enormous amount of research I’m afraid.  William Sharley and Anna Crouch of Horsington in Somerset England.  I’ve managed to recount as best I could and find out more for myself about these interesting ancestors however I fear I’ve come away asking more questions.  The predominant one being ‘well who in blazes is William’s father?’ have several folk chasing an ancestor that time-wise just cannot be our William. Nor can his mother possibly be the lady mentioned.  After spending hours poring over available registers and short of me just popping over to Ringwood in the UK (not possible I’m afraid).  I just don’t have enough information to be able to answer this definitively.  As a result I’ve hit a roadblock. Ack.

I have tried to put some flesh on the bones of our Sharley/Shirley’s who came to New Zealand, in particular William and Anna.  As always Papers Past has been a firm friend in this search.  

What I have not tried to do (I only write the stories), is recreate the wonderful work that has already been done by many Sharley/Shirley folk me.Therefore I think it is appropriate to publicly acknowledge the work done by the Shirley Association and Roger Shirley’s West Country Shirley Families.  I have firmly endeavoured not to plagiarise the work done by these two valuable sources.  I have with definitive determination sought to personally verify and validate all leads.  This has meant that in many cases where I can’t firmly put a ‘stamp’ on it, I’ve had to leave gaps.

Please take some time to go through the Acknowledgements/Reference Page .  This takes almost as much time as writing the pages sometimes it seems.  However it is absolutely laden with a rich treasure trove of resources to help you in your journey.  If my hours spent researching can save you some time in finding valuable sources by all means please do this for yourself.  Your eyes will thank you!  Likewise it is always rewarding to be able to acknowledge the work of others.

So with that I hope you enjoy the stories of our Sharley/Shirley’s!



Season’s greetings.

Hello all,

Thank you for all the lovely emails it really is great to get your feedback and very often your hints, tips and very generously shared information. I do apologise but I can often be quite slow in getting back to these.  I receive an amount of correspondence far beyond what I had expected when I first started this site. I was over the moon when I had achieved ’16 views’ back in the early days. Many of the queries I get do ask for more information and if I have it or can check, I’m always happy to do a ‘look-up’ and see if I can find something of use in among all my ‘squirreling’. With that in mind it does take me a bit of time to get back to everyone so please rest assured if I haven’t answered you yet I will get to you. In between work, uni and teenage kids this year hasn’t afforded me as much free time as I had hoped for. I’m heading off overseas in December for a few weeks so won’t be back until late January. I’ll do my best to catch up as quickly as I can. Happy Christmas and a safe New Year to all of us, whichever branch we belong too. Cheers. Darienne


Introduction to Family History, University of Tasmania.

This is my university (I’m an undergrad in another faculty) so I’m rather partial to University of Tasmania.  If I had the time I would definitely be doing this, maybe I can squeeze it in somewhere….  Thought this might be helpful for some.





New Page – Edward Mitchell and Elizabeth Coverley (Bidgood,Badgood, Lord, Mitchell, Overton).

If trying to keep a ‘name’ in your head is trying, then Elizabeth will be a real test of your memory.   Another chapter for our “Kurrajong” story.

Our TWO Wanstead ancestors.

I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later.  But here is the first time I have found two convicts who came on the same ship who have ended up having their families marry into each other in our connections.  Catherine Latimore who came out on the Wanstead in 1814 also traveled with fellow convict Maria Coverley from England to Port Jackson (Sydney) on the Wanstead.

 (1)Catherine Latimore would go on and marry John Riley and their daughter (2) Diana Riley married William London.  Diana and William had a son (3) William John London.

(1) Maria Coverley had a daughter Elizabeth Coverley with William Badgood/Bidgood. (2) Elizabeth married Edward Mitchell and they had a daughter  (3)Matilda Ann Mitchell.

William John London and Matilda Ann Mitchell married and went on to have a large family of their own.

So the Wanstead played quite the role in bringing these two families together.

Catherine Latimore England to Port Jackson (Sydney)

b.1797 – d. 1868

Sentenced 7 years

Wanstead (1814) 

convict ship

Maria Coverley England to Port Jackson (Sydney)

b.1792 – d. 1864

Sentenced 7 years

Wanstead (1814)

convict ship