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I am shamelessly stealing this idea, in a different format from something I saw on another website.  I hope this makes it easier for people to connect.  Feel free to use to share contacts, ask questions, etc.  Will work for genealogy leadsI will try and update as much and as often as I can.

I enjoy getting your messages and feedback.  Great inspiration to make sure what I’m putting out there is worth a read.

Always happy to assist with ‘look ups’ if I can.  Hope you enjoy your visit.

To add in your  NEW requests/searches etc, just go down to the box at the bottom of page. If you wouldn’t mind could you put the name of the person/s you are seeking as a headline? Just makes it easier to locate and pop in your info and save.  Don’t forget to include an email address .

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18 thoughts on “Home – Connect Family Message Board

  1. James Stephen Whitehead (1832 – 1879) and Sophia Shirley (1835 – 1905) The New Zealand Wars


    Hi Rebecca
    Yes this is the family I am researching as well. My husband Tony is descended from William and Ann (nee Avison) Seymour.
    I have had a quick look on my tree and I haven’t yet got any descendants form this couple who are Jones’. So would be really interested in communicating with you.

    Hi there, I’m searching for information on my ancestors who I believe to be James Avison and perhaps his wife Ann Shirley. My great great grandmother was Ann Seymour nee Avison. Would either of you have any information about this branch of the family?
    Rebecca Jones

    Thanks Judi, I need eagle eyes to catch everything but sadly often miss. Always happy to get a hand with this one. Cheers.

    Thanks for the rich history that you have posted about Whitehead Shirley family, it is easy to read and very interesting.
    I think that there may be a typing transposition for the birth date of Ann Shirley, I believe that her birth date is 1832, however it has been typed here as 1823. Ann Shirley is my husbands 2nd great-grandmother, she married James Avison and they were settlers in Waipawa, Hawke’s Bay.
    Thanks again
    Judi Smitheram

  2. Susannah Nairn (18 March 1762 – 24 March 1814) The Fourth Fleeter


    Thank you so much for your feedback Deb. Hope you found some good stuff.

    What a great job you have done writing about our mutual ancestor Susannah. I am a descendant of Esther Wells through her daughter Sarah Brown who married George Clarke. Thank you,
    Deb Smith

    THANK – YOU!
    It was very interesting to read about my 5th Great Grandparents Robert & Susannah (nee Nairn) Wells. Their daughter, Esther Wells was my 4th Great Grandmother.

    Esther married Robert Brown in 1835 and they had a daughter Emma, who married George Griffin in 1855. Emma and George are my 3rd Great Grandparents. Emma died at age 32; her son Charles Ernest Griffin married Susan King in 1883 – they are my 2nd Great Grandparents.

    Charles & Susan’s only child was Stella Emma Griffin. In 1902 Stella married Austin Leslie Fulton, a descendant of the Rev. Henry Fulton, who has a school named after him in Penrith NSW.

    Austin & Stella Fulton are my Great Grandparents. Their only child was my Grandmother, Marjorie Chisholm Fulton, who married Albert Alan Kelly in 1923. Their daughter Marcia Fulton Kelly married William Paul Cobcroft in 1952. They are my parents.
    Thanks again, Anne Cobcroft

  3. Robert Hay (1774 – 1839) and Maria Hopper Hazelwood (1795 – 1880) – Sullivan’s Bay Convict and Norfolk Islander


    Thank you for your lovely feedback Maddi. I thoroughly enjoy being able to link our family together. Cheers.

    Robert is my 4th great grandfather too. thankyou for sharing.

    Hi my name is sharon clark robert hay is my ×5 great grandfather from his son john. sharon.clark@hotmail.com

    Thank you June, I’m always blown away that there are so many of us out there. Cheers.

    wonderful research. Thank you so much!!! I am also descended from Robert Hay through son John, and wife Sophia.

    Well in that case Sonya we are closer related as I am also descended from John and Sophia! Thank you for your kind feedback. Happy to share anything I find.

    What a wonderful post. Robert Hay is my 4th Great, grandfather and am connected from Roberts son, John whom also married another convict, Sophia Morgan.

    • You have done a great job with the story of Susannah Narin. She is the ancestor of my children. My exe husband is a child of Margaret Lucy Riley and as I am researching a convict for the Diploma of Family History through the University of Tasmania I chose Susannah because I don’t have one in my line.

      Would you mind if I use some of the information you have on the story of Susannah and Robert Wells? Of course I will give you credit for any information I use but I just wanted to make sure that it is OK if I do use anything Thanks Elizabeth Cook

      • Hi Elizabeth, Thank you for your generous feedback.
        Absolutely go for it 🙂 I’m rather a fan of Susannah myself, if you have ancestry.com (I’m sure you would be able to access it through your course?) try this link for Susannah, there are several records there you might like to take a look at. http://person.ancestry.com.au/tree/23198677/person/13164578565/facts. Also take a look at my acknowledgements and references page there is some great stuff there that you will likely find useful.
        Enjoy. If I can be of any further assistance zip me an email.

  4. Paternal Line – The Kingshott Family


    Many thanks – I will be touch when we get home if not before. Gillian

    Gillian that will be wonderful! I’ve corresponded with Jan and he’s incredibly generous with all of us genies. You’re very welcome to the information on the site. Look forward to hearing from you after your trip.

    Your very welcome Gillian, happy always to share;

    Cheers Jan, I’ve sent you an email.

    Many thanks for allowing me to access your information – We are visiting the UK later this year and will be meeting with Jan Kingshott at his place in Exeter to chat about the Kingshott Family. Should be enlightening given his very thorough work on his family tree and of course will share what we learn.

    I would be very interesting in seeing what you have obtained. Would you be so kind as to contact me directly on jankingshott@blueyonder.co.uk? I run the Kingshott Genealogy website and was the bloke that linked your Australian branch to the main UK branch. Thank you in advance.

    I run the Kingshott Genealogy website, and I have been researching our family for over 20 years. I would be very interested in seeing the information that you have uncovered. Would you mind contacting me directly on jankingshott@blueyonder.co.uk?

  5. Paternal Line – The Riley Family


    Wow, now that’s an achievement! Cheers Marj. When I get more into the Riley branch I will be looking you up 🙂

    I am a descendant of John Riley and Catherine Latimore and have traced my connections back 7 generations from me ..


    Sure thing Karen, with that many connections you and I must be from the same branch.

    Hello, have just seen your website, I am descended from the Hazlewood, Hopper, Hay, Kingshott &; Oakley families, would love to get in contact and share info if possible.

    Ah wouldn’t that be wonderful! Never give up hope I say. So many wonderfully generous family members and I keep scouring archives. Lovely to hear from you Wade.

    Just wondering if their is any photos of William Hazelwood?

  7. Helmrich – Australian-England

    SEEKING: London, Priscilla (Helmrich) (Vesperman)

    Hi Vicki
    We seem to have lost touch after my computer(s) went into permanent retirement [my fault, again.] I/We trust you are all well. I will try your email again, but this is to make sure. You might try my current email 01726NAR@gmail.com. I also will be set up for Skype soon and will let you know.
    Kindest Regards. Robert

    Thanks Deb, I’m so thrilled to hear from you! You are so lucky to have met Pat, unfortunately I didn’t. You’ve made my day! https://dcaldlan.wordpress.com

    I was very young at the time I met Great-Grandma so I only have a few flashes of memory.
    My Aunt (Vicki) is very happy about discovering this site and contacting you, another family member. She has a lot of our family history archive in her possession and hopes to add to it so that we can all discover the correct intricate details of where we came from and how we are linked to so many family groups.
    So, if we are both Grand-daughters of two sisters….what does that make us?

    Some kind of cousins I think Deb. How fantastic.

    daughter, Audrey, was my Grandmother. Audrey had five children with Thomas (Tom), and my Father was their eldest child.
    My Aunt (the youngest child of Audrey and Tom) has just linked me via email to this page and it is a fascinating read – as are the other pages.
    There are thirteen of Audrey’s grandchildren here in England and most of us have children and even grandchildren of our own, so there are quite a few of us.

    Yes I met Robert ! I have lots of stuff,would love to exchange info and many photos but prefer to do it with private e mail exchange. This is going to be fun !

    Oh Vicki! thank you so much for your comments. I have questions I dearly wish to ask you. I wonder did you meet my dad in 1952 when he came to visit with your parents family, he came over with his mother and grandmother. I’ve recently come back from New South Wales where I have found out a great deal about Priscilla’s family the London’s. I wonder do you have any photographs of Priscilla?

    Well I am so excited to read the above as I am the daughter of Audrey Florence Helmrich who married Tom Cecil Welch at the age of 18 in Singapore. I always wanted more information though my mothers cousin, Shirley Ball researched ancestry and also wrote a book “Muma’s Boarding House” I have a record of my Mothers upbringing inQueensland that she recorded for me on a reel to reel recorder, this I transferred to the written word

    What an interesting life your Grandma Helmrich lived! …and how wonderful that she wrote and sent pictures to her local newspaper when she left for Singapore. You have researched and written a very interesting account of her life. I never met my Grandma Helmrich. She was Mary Helmrich who was married to my grandfather, William Shand Helmrich in 1924. Sadly she only lived to be 42 years old – she died when my Dad was only 9 years old, so the stories are told through the eyes of a child.
    Fiona Moore (nee Helmrich)
    Kings Langley, NSW


    Thanks for your kind comments Helen. It has been a fabulous journey of discovery

    Thank you for writing such a great history of the Londons. I knew a little of Priscilla from my Mother in Law – Helen Bruce Nairn (daughter of Lilly May Mitchell/London and William Nairn) I knew that Priscilla had moved to Malaya, but didn’t know what a colourful life she had lead.helen.339@internode.on.net

    Hello Tracy,

    It was so great to be in touch with yet another relative. I do remember Uncle Don & Aunty Georgie well, I also remember Aunty Mary, (Her two Children – Gary & Lyn)Tiny, & Uncle Ron I met in Queensland at my Uncle Desi’s funeral. Are you one of Uncle Ron’s daughters? I also know Allen London & Lynn Murphy(nee London) are also following up on family history.

    Looking forward to hearing from you, keep in touch please.

    Kind Regards Vicki

    Hello I am a descendant of John Edward London – he is my great grandfather. My father is the last of Donald William London’s living siblings. My dad’s cousin was starting to collate the family history but I would love to hear from you both.
    Kind regards
    Tracy London
    P.s can you please pass on my email address to Vicki as well

    Hello, I am also a descendant of William London, my father’s name is also William London, he is the grandson of John Edward London & Everleen London (nee Sylvester). My husband & I lived at Kurrajong Heights till 1987. Our daughter actually married at St.Peter’s Church, Richmond in 1999. I also have information from the family tree, it is so interesting the way you have delivered this information. I would be very interested in hearing from you, I may be able to provide you with further information.

    Regards Vicki Eldridge (nee London)


    Wow, thanks Pete, will be in touch. One for my library I think.

    I noticed that Catherine Lattimore was sentenced on the same date at Warwick Assizes as Mary Morris. They were both transported on the Wanstead and rowed up the river to Parramatta. You maybe interested in my book The Campbelltown Convicts.


    I saw your request on Ancestry.co.uk re information about Charles Hellmrich (born c1775 in Germany) and married to Elspeth Symmers. I am also a descendant of Charles Hellmrich, through his fifth child, Charles Fredrick Hellmrich (c1814 -1880). Charles Fredrick was my great great grandfather. I live in Sydney as my father, Peter Helmrich, migrated to Sydney from Aberdeen in 1953. I see on my family tree that you descend from his older brother John, who migrated to Australia in 1838 and was a stonemason. I have his information and his children, and then grandchildren, but no further along your line.

    We have no information about Charles Hellmrich’s origins, except Germany. One old family tree says that an Aberdeen librarian said he was possibly from Bavaria or Gdansk. (a bit odd – Bavaria being in the south and Gdansk – Danzig – being in the north in Poland – which would have been Prussia back then). Your information about him being from Bayern is interesting, also that his father-in-law was also from Bayern. I had not given a thought to Elspet, assuming that she was Scottish as they married in Aberdeenshire. What more do you know about her?

    I would be very interested in knowing. We are thinking of going to Germany this year on our way to London where our son lives, and thought to see where the original Hellmrich came from would be fantastic.

    I hope to hear from you, Darienne.

    Regards, Fiona Moore (nee Helmrich) – the second ‘l’ was dropped when my great grandparents married in 1886 – although I do realise that correct spelling was not their thing back then!
    Kings Langley, Sydney, NSW


    Hi Darienne,

    I’m a descendent of James and Sophia Whitehead. I have a bit more info that you don’t appear to have ( and you have some details I don’t have!) Quite happy to share.
    bjlyons@clear.net.nz Judith Lyons

  12. OAKLEY FAMILY – Researcher
    I’m a direct descendant of John and Mary through Frank (Francis Thomas) Oakley. I’ve been researching the family on and off for the past 30 odd years. I’ve got lots of little bits and pieces that will help to flesh out the different lines…!!.

    The headstone photo that’s displayed for John and Mary Oakley isn’t 100% accurate?. There are two people in that grave and Mary is one of them but the other person isn’t John. The other person is James Oakley, son of John and Mary who committed suicide, buried 19 March 1906.

    Transcript I made in the 1980’s when the marker was far more readable goes –

    In Memory of James Oakley
    Born Sept 3 1861
    Died March 17 1906

    Slumber dear brother, gently sleep
    Its hard that we should part,
    And many a time we think of thee,
    The tear drops of all,
    from our aching hearts fall.

    Also Mary Oakley
    Died Oct. 10 1809 [miss carved]
    Aged 83 years.

    Sleep for dear mother and take thy rest,
    Thy earthly work is act,
    And you have left a troubled world,
    To reach that peaceful shore.

    Inserted by her loving children.

    John Oakley is buried on his own and his marker is about 3 metres in a direct line from the base of this above headstone. Almost completely covered in pine needle the last time I visited.(live New Norfolk).

    His marker reads –

    In loving Memory of
    John Oakley
    Died Dec. 30 1904
    Aged 83 years

    Kind father of love thou art gone to thy rest
    Forever to bask amid the joys of the blest.


    Peter J Oakley (New Norfolk)

  13. Hello Denise Whitehead in NZ .I am the widow of Lionel Whitehead (1944-2014) I have Lionel’s family tree and would like to make contact as I am very grateful for your site and the information have gleaned . Lionel was 3rd generation from James Stephen and Sophia Sharley. His father’s name was James Shirley Whitehead.

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