Season’s greetings.

Hello all,

Thank you for all the lovely emails it really is great to get your feedback and very often your hints, tips and very generously shared information. I do apologise but I can often be quite slow in getting back to these.  I receive an amount of correspondence far beyond what I had expected when I first started this site. I was over the moon when I had achieved ’16 views’ back in the early days. Many of the queries I get do ask for more information and if I have it or can check, I’m always happy to do a ‘look-up’ and see if I can find something of use in among all my ‘squirreling’. With that in mind it does take me a bit of time to get back to everyone so please rest assured if I haven’t answered you yet I will get to you. In between work, uni and teenage kids this year hasn’t afforded me as much free time as I had hoped for. I’m heading off overseas in December for a few weeks so won’t be back until late January. I’ll do my best to catch up as quickly as I can. Happy Christmas and a safe New Year to all of us, whichever branch we belong too. Cheers. Darienne


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